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Israeli native, Gil grew up in a Kibbutz and served in the Israeli Navy for 3 years.
After the mandatory 3 years of military service, Gil took a couple of years to travel Europe, the US and South America.
Gil came back to NYC to attend MMC and majored in Psychology.
Prior to establishing E&G Realty, Gil managed two well known restaurants in the Upper West Side.
Gil runs our daily operation deploying his managerial and organizational expertise along with his interpersonal skills, and his 15 years Real Estate Experience.

Owner, Co-Founder and Administration.

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As a student, finding housing can be one of the most stressful parts to the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Working with Elias, Gil and the E&G team was such a pleasure that I went back to Elias & Gil to find my second apartment this year. Throughout my apartment search Elias was very professional while making my roommates and I comfortable that we will find our perfect apartment in the location that we specified and at the price point that fit our budget. Needless to say I have found a wonderful apartment and I owe it all to Elias.

Furthermore, throughout my time post signing my leases, Elias has been there for my apartment mates and I every step of the way no matter what time of day it is or even on the weekends. Elias takes the time to get to know his clients and makes them feel as if they are number one and that he will not sleep till he finds you the best apartment.

In my opinion Elias and the E&G team are a no brainer when it comes to finding an apartment and I believe that once you begin your search with Elias you will not have to go to anyone else for living inquiries again.
It's been almost 3 months since I've moved into my apartment and I could not be happier. While the listing that I first contacted Elias & Gil about did not work out (which I thought was a blessing in disguise), the hunt for my apartment only created a strong, professional relationship between the both of us. Most importantly, I trusted him and he made the process a lot of fun, despite knowing the limited amount of time I had.

One of the most important qualities in a broker is knowing and understanding his client's needs and interests. Elias & Gil did not only understand me through what I had on paper, he made an effort to understand me as a person. Elias showed me a few other listings in Harlem after the apartment I wanted did not work out. I was very desperate at that time and I decided to put in an application for the Harlem apartment even though I didn't like it. Elias called me after I submitted my application to him and told me he would show me other apartments the next day. The next day, he told me he didn't submit my application yet because he knew that it wasn't what I wanted. We walked all around Washington Heights and in the end, he casually mentioned that there was an apartment that just opened, it was still under renovation but a little more expensive (albeit still under my budget). I thought, what the heck, no harm looking at another one. That turned out to be my current apartment.

Elias has very good relationships with landlords. He was honest with me when I had questions about negotiations, because he knew the landlords personally. With this current apartment, the management is very professional and responsive. I know that Elias only works with landlords who are as professional as he is.

I will definitely recommend Elias as a broker. I will definitely use him again if I ever have to move out.
W. & C.
Good Morning Gil & Elias,

It's C. and W. here and we just wanted to Thank You both from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help in getting us into 320 Sterling. We are picking up our keys today and have already coordinated a move in date & time with N. But before we went any further we decided to take some time to show you our gratitude and appreciation by sending you this email. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You guys are the best. Have a great day. :-)
Thanks, Gil.
You guys really are the best.
From start to finish, your attentiveness, professionalism, service - all have been top of the line.
And thanks for asking about us. This is truly the friendliest building we have lived in since moving to NY over 2 years ago. Everyone is really helpful and friendly and we are happy to be here.
Thanks so very much - B